Ugoos UT3/UT3S/UM3 new 2.0.7 Android 4.4 firmware released!

New 2.0.7 firmware downloads links (use RKBatchTool for reflash, tool and instruction inside):
FULL OTA PACKAGES ( method, just copy to SD card and put inside device):

How to flash unpacked firmware:

1. Inside: RKBatchTool - tool for reflashing, DriverAssitant - tool to install drivers and firmware parts (kernel, recovery, boot, etc..).
2. If it first time, you need to install drivers use DriverAssitant or manual when connecting device
3. Run RKBatchTool. Click on the “…”  button and choose file with firmware
4. Find recovery button on device, press and hold it.
5. Connect device to PC via USB OTG port (UT3: single port on right side, UM3: left port), and power on device (for UT3, UM3 will start when you connect USB cable)
6. PC will found new device and install drivers (or you need install it manually), then you may release recovery button.
7. If you did everything correctly and the driver is installed on your computer, you will see green light on one of the indicators. Now click the “Upgrade” button to the firmware of the device. At the end you will see a sign indicating a successful operation.


By default data partition is 4gb. If you need choose another parameter file (second field in AndroidTool) from root folder
If you need update your device without full reflash, uncheck "parameter" and "misc". Partitions size will not de updated
Feature "Preffered install location" in ugoos settings by default in "Let system decide" and system installing some apps on SDcard
Fan: if your UT3 have internal fan it will be controlled automatically by temperature: now set 70C to fan on, 65 to fan off. In ugoos settings you may change fan mode
Root: by default Android not rooted. If you need it, install Root in ugoos settings: just su binary or binary with SuperSU app

- Added information about Ethernet connection speed in the settings menu
- Added libffmpeg switcher
- Updated busybox
- Added init.d support
- Added screen rotation function
- Removed wakeup function on mouse move
- Changed Power menu dialog
- Added lock button in power dialog
- Updated SPMC to 14.2
- Added support of fireasy app. App for remote control by phone/tablet
- Added ability enable screen lock
- Updated dts,  kernel defconfig
- Added ability enable/disable automatic OTA updates in settings menu
- Added saving values of parameter  "Connect to PC" after reboot
- Added ability changing  values of temp for automatic fan control
- Changed virtual battery parameters

- Fix HDMI HBR Bitstream lost Audio some time
- Fix Conflict between HDMI Bitstream and Spdif Bitstream
- Add i2s under run check
- Fixed bug with temp on SOC UT3, UT3S
- Fixed Skype bug with sound
- Removed debug out
- SD boot: fixed the bug that machine can’t enter the uBoot Guide
- Gallery2: Not Free Bitmap Texture Manually
- Resolve Bug: HTML can't play local video
- BT: awaken the host by Bluetooth
- Fixed bug with auto-muting..
- BT: solved Bluetooth hid problem: when Bluetooth hid device connected, the key is delayed to be response about 5 second

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