Sony Ericsson MH907 – A motion activated headphone

The world’s first motion activated headphones, Sony Ericsson MH907, was unveiled by the company last September 21, 2009. It has built-in, capacitive motion sensors at the end of the headphones, which enables it to automatically start or stop the operation of the device it is connected to. Using a contact point, it thus sends a signal when a user puts or pulls the headphones in/out the ears. Therefore, without pressing any button and by simply plugging the headphones into their ear buds, users can already listen to music automatically or answer an incoming call when used as hands free. In addition, by removing even just one ear bud of the headphone, music will be paused or the call will automatically end. The company calls it as the “SenseMe Technology”. This fancy headphone comes in two different lovely colors, the black and the yellow.

The featured item also emphasizes superior and crisp sound quality that gives all of its users the chance to enjoy while listening to their favorite music, as you want to hear it. With this, your phones can stay in your pocket all day long while managing to listen to your favorite music and answer important phone calls simultaneously. The bad news is, since the headphones use a proprietary connector, also known as the Fast Port, they will only work on selected Ericsson phones. The question of licensing this gadget to other companies still is a puzzle and only the company could answer. This is another innovation from Sony Ericsson, which is another leap in modern technology. It lets you follow the trend, experience convenience, while not compromising quality. However, with the presence of these features, you could also expect this one of a kind product to be very costly. Therefore, it is for the user’s judgment if this product has satisfied their money’s worth. Maybe consumers could expect the same or maybe a better innovation from other companies as well in the near future. Anyway, that is how our market competition works.

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